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Industrial Fermentation Systems

Whether you're working with sourdough, sponge brew or other types of fermented dough, our solutions are designed to optimize efficiency and elevate your production processes to new heights.

Our industrial fermentation systems allow the automated production of fermented doughs using either short fermentation processes like sponge brew or poolish, or long fermentation methods such as sourdough. With dough volumes per tank reaching up to 8000 liters, it allows large-scale productions.

Our systems can handle the entire short fermentation process. First, the dough is fermented, then it is cooled. Our system ensures the dough maintains a constant temperature and is ready to use as a superior ingredient for your recipes or as a ready-to-use dough on the production line.

With our multi-step processes, our systems are perfect for handling long fermentation processes as well. Under controlled conditions of temperature and agitation, our specialized fermentation tanks ferment the mother dough to achieve the desired level of acidity. From there, it goes to our secondary fermentation tank where flour and water are added, initiating a second fermentation.

Our industrial fermentation systems fully integrates with our innovative Idromix solution, so instant production of hydrated dough can be pumped into the fermentation tank. The complete process is monitored and controlled by our recipe control system. It allows you to customize all parameters like fermentation temperature, cooling temperature, PH value, etc… to achieve a constant quality of the product.

Discover the key benefits of our industrial fermentation systems:

  • Allows large-scale production while maintaining the quality of your sourdough, sponge dough…
  • Fully automated process
  • Hygienic set up
  • Detailed settings possible for each specific recipe
  • Specialized fermenter tanks with cooling and rounded agitators for a clean operation
  • Automated multi-step fermentation process feasible
  • Fully automated CIP & Control System

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