Product-Highlight iba 2023

Innovative Solutions

Colip production range: a technological solution for every need. This is the principle with which, day after day, we continue to design and build our lines of refrigerated equipments.

A wide range of refrigerated equipment and innovative systems for the Bakery, Pastry, Confectionery and Food Industry.

Our production lines:

AQUASYSTEM - refrigerated water production - Water chillers | Water meters

MATURBIGA - climatization for dough, sourdough - Chambers | Cabinets | Tables | Industrial equipments with complete automatic cycle

MATURPAN - MATURPAST - ECOPAN - retarder-prover (retarder-proofer) - Chambers | Cabinets | Industrial equipments with complete automatic cycle

LIEVIPAN - direct proving (proofing)

MODULARSYSTEM - conservation - refrigeration - Chambers | Industrial equipments:

TN – positive temperature for raw materials, fresh products

BT – negative temperature for deep-frozen products

COMBI TN+BT – rooms for packing and storage

CR – blast chilling (cooling) of partially baked or baked products

CLIMA – air-conditioning for production rooms and laboratories

SURSYSTEM - deep-freezing (blast-freezing) for bread, pastry and derivatives [raw, fermented and partially baked product] and food in general - Chambers | Cabinets | Industrial equipments.