Albert Handtmann Maschinenfabrik

Albert Handtmann Maschinenfabrik

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We provide the suitable machine technology for both small-scale and industrial producers: dough dividing, dosing, forming, extruding, digitalisation and automation. For bread variety, pastries, small baked goods, snacks and trend products. Plus process expertise and global network.

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Albert Handtmann Maschinenfabrik B3 / 140

Snacks and other trend products in great variety portioning, forming, depositing, co-extruding...

Handtmann systems are destinated for sweets and snacks processing from soft up to stiff product masses. Examples are rolled fondant, cookies, muffins, fruit and marzipan products, confection, nuts-/date paste, candys in collagen skin, crackers and much more.

Albert Handtmann Maschinenfabrik B3 / 140

Dough dividing, forming and depositing of small baked goods directly on trays and peel-boards

Dough dividing, forming and depositing in a single step using a FS 520 forming system and a VF 830 portioning machine. A wide variety of product shapes such as round (Vinschgauer, gluten-free soft buns) or longish (rye rolls, gluten-free baguette rolls) can be produced.

Albert Handtmann Maschinenfabrik B3 / 140

SE 442-1 dough dividing system for oil-free and gentle dividing of various doughs

The SE 442-1 cutting unit is used for single-lane dough dividing. In combination with a Handtmann portioning machine, the system is suitable for industrial use in baked goods production. It enables the processing of different wheat and mixed wheat doughs.

Albert Handtmann Maschinenfabrik B3 / 140

Handtmann Depositing systems for fillings onto dough sheet systems, into containers, tray sealer...

Handtmann depositing systems can dose the most diverse filling onto multiple lanes and accurate to the gram: chunky, firm, pasty, cold or hot. From pastry fillings for Danish pastries or croissants to vegetable or meat fillings for empanadas, pasta pockets and pelmeni and more.

Range of products

  • P Metering and weighing systems
  • P Machines for bread, rolls and pastry production
  • P Preparation of ingredients and storage technology
  • P Dough portioning hopper
  • P Dough divider
  • P Dough transport systems
  • D Digitization of service delivery processes
  • D Digitization of management processes
  • F Digitalisation
  • F Food trends
  • F Artisan bakery
  • F Turnkey solutions
  • F Sustainability
  • F Quality management

About us

Handtmann is a global supplier of end-to-end machine solutions for the baked goods and confectionery industries as well as the production of sweets and snacks. We are represented locally in over 100 countries with our sales and service network. Our customer base includes both small-scale producers and start-ups as well as medium-sized companies and industrial enterprises from all over the world. We offer a wide range of production methods for the processing of dough and many other fluid, viscous, rigid and firm or chunky products:

  • Various dough dividing processes (e.g. oil-free portioning principle)
  • Portioning and dosing into containers or onto dough sheets
  • Wide range of forming options with maximum flexibility
  • Extruding of dough/products/pastes/dough sheets
  • Extrusion of fats as endless sheets or onto dough sheets
  • Co-extrusion of multiple products
  • Mixing, grinding, emulsifying including cooking or cooling

The Handtmann Forum, a customer centre with EU approval for bakeries, gives you the opportunity to test your products ideas with our experts and take them all the to realisation of the final end product. You may expect a bakery, fully equipped with state-of-the art technology for a wide range of processing methods and all up- and downstream processes on over 4,000 sqm.

The art of baking. Handtmann loves to be your partner, because:

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